A femme fatale with attitude to spare.
Writhing snakes surround her head
She can't get them out of her hair.
They're spitting white clots of venom,
but please try not to stare
or you'll be mesmerized by her glowing eyes
and a face that's too much to bear.

Medusa - she is not the one.
Think twice, that's my advice, then turn around and run.

She likes her men held captive, rock hard and petrified.
She's at least a tripple - bagger, extra heavy, scaled and tied
The odds weigh against her favor that true love she will find
Her only hope of marriage is to date the dumb and the blind

Medusa - a queen with an army of stone
Medusa - though thousands stand around you
You live your life alone

So, decorate your garden with statues once alive
Emotionless like you, you made them like that too
Eternally untouchable - aloneness warped your mind.
So you take away from others what you've been denied

Medusa - she is not the one
Think twice - that's my advice, then turn around and run