City of Forever (Hardwood Floors)

Look at me - I'm waking up
I found myself in the city of forever
And, I'm staring out across the square at sculptured cherry trees.
I am the breeze, blowing out wherever it blew, it's true

I found myself dancing with a stranger
Bringing back the feelings I thought I knew before
I was swept away by the waves of passion & danger
I dissapeared, devoured by the storm that grew
How about you?

I'd see everyone tomorrow, but tomorrow
wouldn't come like those before
I'll miss friends & laughter as I run from pain & sadness
Am I trading something less for something more

Then I found myself, sitting here
In a small white tub perched on hardwood floors
and, my face, it starts to fade in the mirror
To investigate my fate beyond the doors

Wipe away time & trouble
every night, every day, every morning, every afternoon
ease ourselves into the bubbles - slowly slip away
Two snails in space on a staircase to the moon.
In the window, there's a bright white star that shines for us Tonight

But, You know that stars can be explosive
especially when they're spinning out of control.
Sometimes you just exceed the proper dosage
And the city of forever, takes it all.

Look at me, I'm going to sleep now
So, pull that ghostly barge up to my door
I've paid my fare, I'll rest in peace now
In the city where I'll stay forevermore.

Dedicated to Jim Morrison,